About Me

Hey Everybody!!!
Hannah here.
Coming at chya from small-town rural America.
If you are here looking for a blog about babies, boyfriends, DIY's, or fashion,
lemme tell ya right now you are in the wrong place.
Those things are not commonplace here.
Sure they rear their ugly heads once in a while,
normally when I get a crazy, wild hair up my arse.
here at Live a Little, Love a Lot you can live vicariously through me
and experience all the crazy things I do on a normal basis.
Here you will learn about me, my struggles, my short comings, and my triumphs.
You will also probably meet some great people along the way.
My friends and family are my world.
And they make plenty of appearances here.
So acquaint yourself with their faces.
Momma and the sisters.
Me, Cassie, Kristen, Bridgett, and Bailey.
These girls are the bomb(dot)com
and we know how to have a good time.
Bailey, Me and Alycia.
These two are like the older sisters I never had.
They know what's up without even being told.
And you better watch out when we all get together.
It's bound to be a crazy night.
So sit back, grab a glass of wine, an ice cold frosty beer, or maybe even some Crown Royal
and let me show you the kinds of things we do for fun where I'm from.
Keep it real homeslices!!!

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  1. Nice to meet you Hannah! You are not alone in this walk of life, we all are on our own personal journey. I too am finding my way and every day I discover a little more of me to love! And guess what? That's right...so will you! Tootles!

    ~SimplyyMayra ;)