Monday, May 13, 2013

What I'm Watching

Let's talk TV
or more correctly, Netflix (which may be the greatest invention ever!).
I don't normally have a lot of time during the week to watch TV.
And since I don't have cable, Dish or Directv,
I don't have the option to DVR anything during the week. 
Which isn't normally a big deal because like I said 
I don't usually have a lot of time to watch TV during the week.
But I have a love love love relationship with my Netflix.
So let's talk about what I've been watching.

1. Sons of Anarchy
I've blogged about my love for this show before here.
Well I got bored the other week when I was sick with the flu
and decided to re-watch the first four seasons of the show.
I cannot wait for season six to start.
I've also gotten a girl at work hooked on the show and now we talk about it when work is slow.

2. Hart of Dixie
I saw somebody blog about this show a few weeks ago.
So I checked it out and loved it!
Not only is the main character hilarious and relatable 
but it never ceased to amaze me how clueless she could be.
I also liked that it was set in a small town so I could related to it.

3. Pretty Little Liars
I know I'm really behind on this craze.
But it showed up on my suggested list 
and I figured with how much everyone talks about it I should give it a shot.
I'm obsessed. 
I think I watched the whole first season in 3 days. 
Every episode has a new twist. 

I've also had a couple friends recommend the shows Revenge and Scandal. 
Any thoughts on those two?
I'm probably going to check them out once I finish PLL.


  1. I've never seen sons of anarchy but the other two i love!! And I LOVE Revenge, it's really good. I've never seen Scandal.

  2. Hart of Dixie is an amazing show!! I love it!
    I came on here because I randomly decided to click on my spam in my comments and there was your comment. The comment you left August 30, 2012. I am so so so so sorry that I just seen this now. I feel so bad, because when I do check spam there is never any in there, so to find yours was whoa.. what?! I am sorry for this super delayed and late reply back to you. Thank you so much for your comment and many people tell me that when I write that I bring tears to their eyes. I write what's in my heart and what I feel, but I am glad you enjoyed it. I can only hope for something as that amazing or even beyond! The link to the post you left a comment to was this in case you wanted to know..
    I hope you have a lovely day and sorry again truly.