Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thirty Things #3

I know, I know. I have kinda fallen behind on the whole blogging thing lately.
As well as emails, and swaps.
I may or may not have upended my life when I decided to quit my job.
(Long story for a separate post, whenever I get around to that).
Anyway, today I'm finally going to get to the Thirty Things question 3:
Describe your relationship with your parents.
I can honestly say that I was one of those teenagers that drove my mother nuts.
My parents got divorced when I was little, like 3.
Both of them got remarried.
I lived with my mom.
I drove my mother nuts during high school.
I pushed the limits on any rule she made for me.
And while we might have fought at least once a week,
I knew that if I ever needed her for anything she would be there.
I still tests those limits to this day.
But we have a much stronger relationship.
I talk to her about almost everything going on in my life.
I only wish that our relationship grows from here.
I'm finally starting to learn that my mother knows best
and most often has my best interest at heart.
This is one of my senior pictures.
From my Junior Prom 2007.
Now my relationship with my dad...
That's a whole nothing story.
I realize that he is my father and that I should probably have nice things to say about him.
But most of the things I would like to say about him are not blog appropriate.
Let's just say that he has done some things that marked my childhood.
Things that have thus far been difficult to forgive.
Yeah we still talk.
He still asks questions about my life and everything going on.
But we don't have a very strong relationship and sadly, I doubt we ever will.
I also have a lot of "adoptive parents" but this post could go on forever if I wrote about all of them.
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

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