Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Close to Home

Sons of Anarchy fans?
Anyone? Anyone?
I guess it's just me then huh.

The show originally came out in 2008.
I'd heard of it but never really watched it.
That is until about July.
I found it on Netflix and started watching it.
I was hooked after the first couple episodes.
There is a place in my heart reserved for motorcycle riders.
And outlaws intrigue me.
Call me weird I dare ya.
Netflix had the first three seasons.
Which I made a point of watching at least an episode a day.
Did I mentioned I was hooked?
Season 4 came out on DVD August 28th.
Season 5 started on September 11th.
It's become a Tuesday night ritual.

This season has been a roller coaster ride.
I won't give any spoilers in case anyone wants to watch it.
(I own the first 4 seasons, if you wanna borrow let me know)

Last nights episode opened with a monologue from Jax, the MC's President.
It was a powerful one.
"It’s hard not to hate. People, things, institutions. When they break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed. Hate is the only feeling that makes sense. But I know what hate does to a man. Tears him apart, turns him into something he’s not. Something he promised himself he’d never become. That’s what I need to tell you. To let you know how hard I’m trying not to cave under the weight of all the awful things I feel in my heart. Sometimes my life feels like a deadly balancing act, what I feel slamming up against what I should do. Impulsive reactions, racing disillusions, miles ahead of my brain. When I look at my day I realize most of it was spent cleaning up the damage of the day before. In that life I have no future, all I have is distraction and remorse. I buried my best friend three days ago. As cliche as this sounds, I left a part of me in that box, a part I barely knew, a part I’ll never see again. Every day is a new box boys. You open it, you take a look inside. You’re the one who determines if it’s a gift or a coffin."
--Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy, Season 5 Episode 5 Orca Shrugged

I would recommend that everyone watch this show at least once.
It's on Tuesday nights on FX at 9pm.
They show it for a solid 3 hours.
There is more to it than motorcycles, drugs, prostitution, guns and violence.

That's all I leave you with today.
If you want to know more about the show, check it out here.

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